A Mattapoisett Reception

Hannah and Jon were having their wedding ceremony shot by a photographer friend of theirs — who, all being super fun people, they wanted to be able to party with later. I met Hannah at a coffee shop this spring to talk about shooting their reception only. I've shot a few weddings but I'm still getting my feet wet, and I knew this would be the perfect combination of new pressures and confident fun. (Especially having recently adding another skillset to my tool bag: off-camera flash on the dance floor! Consider me a convert.)

Not pictured: perfectly-timed lightning storm which rolled in around speech time, giving the whole room an occasional magical shimmer.

The joy in the air, and on the dance floor, was palpable. So grateful for this opportunity to be a part of their beautiful day!

To Toronto!

Things this weekend's photo adventures required: a gear suitcase (kind of nerding out over my new preciousssss from ThinkTank), a second flash, a million new batteries, an updated passport, and two copies of a two day typed out schedule. Oh, plus, two very dear friends who happen to love one another.

No matter how fun and wonderful I know they're going to be, big events always make me nervous until I get organized. Still nervous? Must not be organized enough. KEEP. ORGANIZING.


Now I'm just excited. Let's do this Canada!