Head Shots in Davis Square

I also met Eric in my BNI! Eric runs a digital marketing company called MetroCreate that does everything from web and logo design to SEO to marketing automation to all kinds of other things, seriously, it's like there's nothing this company doesn't do. We convened in Davis Square for a quick fifteen minutes the other week to update his head shot.

Portraits on The Trail

I met Jennifer, an amazing LMT who practices in Arlington, through the BNI group I meet with early, early in the morning every Tuesday at a Medford Bertucci's. She wanted to update her website with a new head shot, so we decided to get out of the highly structured meeting room and into the woods! Twist my arm.

Portraits at Minute Man

Back in May, Richard got in touch with me about having some quick portraits taken. He's a professor and musician who needed some photos for speaking and playing engagements, and we phone-tagged a bit before deciding on a date. Did he need to come to Somerville, he asked on one voice mail. YOU LIVE IN CONCORD?! I LOVE CONCORD, I replied in another voice mail.

We met at the North Bridge on a perfect cool, cloudy day, minutes before a large boisterous field trip of children arrived and forced us to find this amazing little hidden staircase.

Cape Cod Engagement on the Water

Jocelyn and Ben have similar feelings about being photographed as I do when I'm on the other side of the lens: they don't love being posed, and often feel awkward with a camera pointed at them. They wanted engagement photos that didn't feel stiff or artifically sentimental. "Can we just do something fun that we normally do? And you can take some photos?"

A million times yes. So a couple of Saturdays ago they invited Janaka and me to join them on their boat for some wine and fishing off the Cape, for maybe the funnest engagement shoot ever. (No fish were hurt in the creation of these images — but Ben did return one very wide-eyed crab to the sea.)

Can't wait to shoot their wedding in August!

Portraits at High Noon, on the Beach

... not a great idea. Everyone knows that. But my friend Jon had just gotten back from a two week trip to Tel Aviv (he'd been bummed to miss the headshot shoot-out), and it was one of the first really pure blue, sunny summery days; obviously lunchtime had to be spent outside. We met up in Marblehead, where a whole fleet of sailboats surrounded the old lighthouse like baby ducks.

Jon is also an amazing event and fine art photographer — you can view his work here.

Outdoor Portrait Special Through July

I'm not usually one for sales, but I've been having a lot of fun taking portraits lately and have also been re-evaluating my fee structure; I've been charging $150 for half-hour outdoor sessions for years now. I decided that this August I'll be raising that rate to $200, which better reflects my experience level and skills.

Before I do that, I wanted to make sure all of my friends and peers who want head shots taken by me have an accessible option. And then I thought: this is literally my favorite time of year to be doing this, I could do this every night and be happy. Let's fill this summer with outdoor portraits! So I'm opening this (crazy economical!) offer up to the world:

"Long Days, Beautiful Nights"
Portraits and head shots - $120

For all half hour sessions scheduled between 6-8:30pm
From June 1 - July 31 2016

Includes proof gallery and one fully processed image of your choice.

Contact me if you'd like to schedule a session!

Headshot Shoot-Out

Being a photographer means your life and everyone in it become extremely well-documented — but with the exception of some occasional harried or poorly coiffed test lighting shots, hardly any photos exist of ... well ... you. The Professional Photographer's Guild of Massachusetts had an excellent solution to our shared conundrum: last week one of our peers hosted a Headshot Shoot-Out on her beautiful property in Ashland.

We met, we ate pizza and we drank warm white wine, and then we split up into groups and traipsed into the field at golden hour to take portraits of each other.

I had so much fun shooting and being shot by these extremely talented photographers.

Pictured, from top to bottom: Sarah Dugan, Tiffany Chapman, Vanessa Walsh, Lori Mitchell, and Joline Cameron.

Portraits for Rebecca Gray

Last spring when I'd just moved to Boston, I wrote an email to the public radio list-serv here, hoping to meet new people and get the word out about what I do. "I will shoot anything you want this month, for free." I hit send and immediately hoped I wouldn't regret it.

And that's how I met the delightful and multi-talented Rebecca Gray. We spent two days together: one early morning wandering along the coast, and another afternoon in Harvard Square, with another stop in Central to borrow a friend's studio space.

Yoga teacher, space clearer, kirtanista and musician. I love portrait sessions like these that take you on a journey through so many passions and aspects of who someone is.