Outdoor Portrait Special Through July

I'm not usually one for sales, but I've been having a lot of fun taking portraits lately and have also been re-evaluating my fee structure; I've been charging $150 for half-hour outdoor sessions for years now. I decided that this August I'll be raising that rate to $200, which better reflects my experience level and skills.

Before I do that, I wanted to make sure all of my friends and peers who want head shots taken by me have an accessible option. And then I thought: this is literally my favorite time of year to be doing this, I could do this every night and be happy. Let's fill this summer with outdoor portraits! So I'm opening this (crazy economical!) offer up to the world:

"Long Days, Beautiful Nights"
Portraits and head shots - $120

For all half hour sessions scheduled between 6-8:30pm
From June 1 - July 31 2016

Includes proof gallery and one fully processed image of your choice.

Contact me if you'd like to schedule a session!