"50 Shades of Bey" at Oberon

I was just talking to a peer on the phone. "I just realized it's the end of March!" he said, "and we haven't updated the blog since February! What happened?"

Can I get an interrobang; there's a lot I've been meaning to post here too. Office shoots! Portraits! Upcoming travel! To start things off, I am so incredibly excited to finally be able to share my favorite images from the Lipstick Criminals' Beyoncé-themed burlesque show, "50 Shades of Bey" at Harvard Square's Oberon this January. Everyone in the Lipstick Criminals is an incredible dancer, and they're all incredible performers to boot.

Dancers include: Sugar Dish, Pamela Passion, Abby Normal, Dinah Deville, Belle Gunz, Legs Hershey's, Honey Pie, JaneDoe Cabaret, and Essy Sosa. Need more of the Crimz? Here's a quick preview from their rehearsals for this show — more of those soon!