Ten days ago I didn't know I was going to Dallas, but then one five hour flight later suddenly there I was, standing on the curb of Love Field in the 80 degree sun, regretfully still wearing my dark flannel and thick autumn boots. My sister Paige needed some help with her toddler Henry while her husband was away on business. They offered to fly me out if I could just clear my schedule. Done!

And, bonus: a week spent laughing with Paige (even going to two intense barre classes, which even 8 months pregnant she totally owned while I flopped sadly to my mat and asked if they had "any weights below 3 pounds?") and chasing/dancing with/feeding copious amounts of cheese to/photographing Henry, who might be the most adorable sweetest toddler in the whole world aaaaagh!!!

Henry in the garden, Baxter in the bushes

Henry and Paige - feel the baby (bw)

Henry on a walk (double)

Autumn leaf (bw)

Henry and autumn leaves

Henry on a walk - smile

Henry in swing (bw)

Henry in swing

A boy and his dogs (bw)

Henry and Baxter

Henry plays (double)

Henry plays

Holding hands

Henry on a walk (bw)

Henry on a walk - looks at mama (bw)

Henry on a walk - across street

Henry meets shadow

Henry in bed

I'm so glad I got to spend this little bit of time with them, just before the little brother arrives.