A Reading in Los Angeles

Final stop on the travel agenda: downtown Los Angeles, for a reading on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel (which we were this close to being late for, after getting wholly distracted/enchanted at The Museum of Jurassic Technology that afternoon). The weather, obviously, was perfect; the rooftop nearly pitch black except for the glow from a fireplace and a desk lamp someone set up so the readers could see their books. The whole evening had a secret treehouse meeting feel to it.

Los Angeles-04 Sampson Starkweather

Los Angeles-08 Paige Taggart

Los Angeles-07 Paige Taggart

Los Angeles-10 Janaka Stucky

Los Angeles-13 Janaka signs

Los Angeles-06 Chet Weise

Los Angeles-12 Amelia Gray

AFterwards, despite the late hour and a jet lag we just couldn't shake, we hopped into a car with a college friend of Janaka's who is also the talented writer of The Final Girls — a hilarious and unexpectedly moving parody of the teen camp slasher genre. "Was that awkward?" he asked afterwards, "sitting next to me? Like all high pressure and weird?" "Could've been!" we responded, "if it hadn't been so funny and great!" True story. Go see this movie.

Los Angeles-14 Cab Arrives, The Final Girls